Doorstep Epic

The 100 Greatest Climbs are a series of books by Simon Warren that list some well known (and some lesser known) climbs in Britain. Some of the climbs have a bit of history like York’s Hill (used in the Catford CC hill climb) or the Tumble in Wales (used in the Tour of Britain) and the books are a great read if you are into hill climbs.

Of course, if you are into hill climbs chances are you will want to ride them and that is the whole point of the books, handy little guides to each hill and perfect for a spot of ride planning.

My own spot of planning resulted in a ride a teeny bit bigger than intended. This accidental epic-ness amused my friends at Morvélo no end, so much so that it’s been made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

The film is part of a trilogy of epic and there’s a bit more about what inspired the ride and the rides of my friends Jo and Oli on the Morvélo site.

The climbs (in ride order) on the route are:

  1. Steyning Bostal
  2. Barhatch Lane
  3. Combe Lane
  4. Coldharbour Lane
  5. Leith Hill
  6. Whitedown Lane
  7. Boxhill
  8. Chalkpit Lane
  9. White lane
  10. Toys hill
  11. York’s hill
  12. Ashdown Forest
  13. Kidd’s hill (The Wall)
  14. Ditchling Beacon

You can see the dot-to-dot joined up route below: