Some Everesting Stats

Some of the (slightly less boring) numbers from my everesting attempt of Ditchling Beacon.

  • Number of ascents: 65 (not 66 like I thought – thankfully I added more than the required 62)
  • Punctures*: 1
  • Fastest ascent: 7 minutes 51 seconds (the second ascent)
  • Slowest ascent: 10 minutes 6 seconds (somewhere in the wibbly zone between 5000 and 6000 metres)
  • Litres of water: 10
  • Pizzas: 1.5
  • Gels: 0
  • Dates: 10
  • Bananas: 3
  • Largest leg warmer blister ever: 1
  • Most persistent earworm: The Jackson 5 – Abc

*The rock you don’t move from the middle of the road will find your front wheel on about the 50th descent.

img_2146-1Thanks to @maziepedals for the photo (and chocolate milk!)



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